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I hope that you've found a living situation where you feel safe by now. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home, and I hope you always make that your first priority. A couple thoughts: First, where is your mom? My guess is that she also feels beaten down and controlled, and isn't much support. Second, you are 20 which is a time of transition from ...


Many videos/cartoons made for kids are unbelievably scary. Not only can they plant seeds of terror of monsters and demons of various types, but they can transplant a full grown terror plant. Monitor what they watch, both at home and elsewhere.


From my own experience, it seems that a toddler doesn't have a strong understanding of what a ghost is supposed to be (the spirit of a dead person). Rather, it's a term that can be applied to "something that scares me" -- picked up by hearing adults (or other children) use the word while talking about being scared. If a teacher mentions she is afraid of the ...

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