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My suggestion would be to not enforce it, but do 2 things: Don't generally speak English to him. If he speaks English, simply answer in Finnish/Japanese. Make a game out of it. When he starts learning new words, ask him what they are called in Finnish/Japanese. I think learning through playing is really useful to kids. My husband and I are both ...


One of the most common practices is really OPOL : one person one language. So you go on with Finnish and your wife with Japanese. There is no risk for the kids' English as it will develop in any case. There are other strategies (one language at home, one language outside). But in your case, given the fact that your kids will pick up English and that you want ...


I suggest rewarding is better than punishment. Now, how can you reward your child if he is kicking a small puppy or not giving proper attention on studies. Kids generally develop such things or see fun in doing so because they don't have very good friend circle, life is boring, there is no fun and thrill. They want, that we run after them and they like ...


I noticed that my son's behavior worsens after vacation. I find that the following helps to get it better: Schedule - get him in bed on time No electronics and TV A lot of time outside to get his energy out Talking to him about his behavior May be get some suggestions from his teacher


Looks like there is a lot of jealousy going on which has not been resolved for a long time. I suggest reading Siblings Without Rivalry. It addresses different scenarios and gives suggestion on what to do in different situation, including the ones you described above. Meanwhile I suggest: not to react to your daughter complains the way your husband does ...


In the spirit of SO, I'd like to ask what have you tried ? Anyway, I am assuming that you tried to explain gently and politely and that did not work. However, if I were you, I'd try to do it like this: No one like to be mistreated. Would you like it if someone bigger and stronger did that to you for no reason at all ? Go hug your sister and say sorry to ...


Nobody hits in my household. No spanking, no violence, ever. If violence is unacceptable always, you have to jump on that behavior instantly, every time with a consequence. If violence is only sometimes unacceptable, when and where it's acceptable is a difficult thing to teach.

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