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There are lots of links to studies showing the beneficial uses of breastmilk here: In particular, it does not "become a breeding ground for bacteria" due to its natural antimicrobial properties.


Looking at peanut butter... remembering baby poop... not seeing much difference... could you be more specific in what you notice? I've never tried the "Earth's Best" brand, but carrots often cause constipation or other troubles when introduced as a first food. My advice is to wait on carrots until your son has been accustomed to gentler foods (fruits, baby ...


We rarely had a diaper rash with cloth diapers. In fact, the only time we had a diaper rash was when we were out and about, she was wearing a disposable, and fell asleep in the car. She ended up sleeping through the night (roughly ~12 hours) with a poop diaper (We didn't want to wake her up to change her, didn't know it was a poopy diaper). The next day, ...


We found different brands of diapers to help a lot. Some brands almost always led to rashes, while others helped prevent rashes.


We had a similar problem and it took a long time to go away. Firstly, consult a doctor. Our doctor suggested the anti-fungal cream Daktarin, but a type without hydrocortisone. Secondly, we made sure her bum was always clean and dry after peeing and pooping. Thirdly, we made sure she had as much time as possible without a nappy on, even though this was risky –...


Diaper changes, if the diaper is getting big then we change it. We probably go through a lot of diapers but its been worth it to not have to worry about rashes. Keeping a good supply on hand, and in the diaper bag (along with small trash bags) for disposal while travelling has been good for us.


Wow, you are almost literally in the same situation my wife and I were in about a week ago. Over five days we applied Desitin Maximum Strength to the butt rash each diaper change, gave her an hour of diaper-free time in the morning, and gave her a bath at night with Aveeno Baby Soothing Baby Bath It took a few more days after for the rash to go away ...


I think that what you describe is a fairly normal reaction when introducing solids. Try leaving out these products for a few days and see if the rash goes away. Try another brand (or even other foods) and see if the rash returns.

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