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I have twin boys and it was certainly obviously well before one was a year old that he was jealous of any attention that his brother got. It took a while longer before he starting showing any brotherly feeling, and even then, it appeared to be more to get praise or a good reaction from the surrounding adults. By three, he was better about not being always ...


I'm going to concentrate on the question in the title. I cringe a bit when I hear people say "have you been good?" or "be a good boy for your mummy". It's the same thing. So is it helpful to call a child "naughty" or "good"? How is it helpful? What will it achieve? Isn't it superfluous anyway? For younger children in particular, I think the concept ...


That is the most normal thing in the world. You should watch yourself, see if you're giving her all the attention you could, because she needs it. If you think you're doing your part well and she is still jealous, don't worry anymore, because it happens.

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