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Find the subject he likes, and get books that are similar to his interests. The important thing is that the books catch his interest and make him want to read. Slowly ease him from graphic novels to real books. Read to him, but stop in the middle of suspenseful parts. This will make him want to read. It's cruel, but it works.


Explain it to him as it is, in such abusive environment where they rip the childhood out of the children you have no choice but to be honest as the damage has already been done. You should explain to him that he might get executed and those whom he love might get hanged, if he is smart enough to ask questions about Allah then he is smart enough to figure ...


She understands the words just fine, what she doesn't understand is the underlying cause. Kids that age live very much in the moment. Past and present get jumbled in their mind, and they don't pause to reflect on their motivation. Somehow parents can't resist asking why anyway, but I can count on one hand the number of times I've received an answer that ...


You can explain the difference (if you must explain it) by saying Why asks the question and Because tells the answer.


I know that children are more attracted to T.V, video games, and other activities than parents, but I think that if children are doing such type of activities so there are some mistake of parents. First of all we have to change, then we can expect that children are more attentive with parents.

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