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I am not sure about Spain, but in many countries school start with Kindergarten around age 5 or 6. Anything before that is 'pre-school' or 'day care'. In many places pre-school are typically useful for parents where both parents work, and need full work day child care. This means day cares and pre-schools are open many hours. (and that School may have an ...


To piggy back off of what was already said, kids don't really express emotions just yet, and at (I'm assuming) now 4 months, a baby is only just now beginning to become interactive. The short story is: Don't sweat it. If that's the only thing that's different, then your child is fine. As was said before, focus on the logistics of a child transitioning to ...


Babies that age don't accurately display their emotions. Just because he smiles one day and not another day doesn't mean he was happier or less happy. One good way to know if your baby had a good day is by inquiring with the caregivers. Did he eat well? Sleep well? Etc.

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