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It is easy to forget that children are people also, and need to feel like they have power over their lives. Being powerless is not fun. By dragging his feet in the morning/night time routines, he is exercising the only power he feels he has at that time. Give him choices. Children also need to experience consequences. It is also easy for us parents to think ...


Firstly, let's start with waking him up. You could try: Getting an alarm clock that starts 15 minutes before he needs to wake up. Make the alarm stop after like 10 seconds. This should get him conscious, basically preparing him to be able to wake up. During this time, call him periodically but not in a forcing manner. Anger will result in distress and it'...


You have to make bed time seem like fun time. By the time your child becomes a teen they only want to sleep, I know because I am a teen. Let your child run wild until they get to tired and just go to be on their own. Camamille tea, a nice tea will help with sleep. If they don't want it make them drink it anyway Hospital Bed straps, they won't get up.

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