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All children experience some degree of separation anxiety. It can come in different shapes, forms and intensities at different times. What can help: play peekaboo, hide and seek, etc. prepare the child for the separations. pick a day (once a week or once a month) for a special father - daughter outing or project. model a better way of expressing the ...


You would probably not have done things this way with your child. You're in a difficult situation, though, because (I assume) you're not one of the primary caregivers. I think the best you can do is maintain open lines of communication with the parents, and build a strong relationship with your granddaughter.


I don't think you have enough information. I suggest bringing it up during a quiet time -- after reading a bedtime story always worked well for me -- and ask her about it. "Honey, I notice that..." Then listen and empathize with her. One you fully understand and have shown her that you fully understand, then you can talk about how to make things better. ...


There are a few reasons for this. One that comes to mind is bullying but I think she isn't spending enough time with her daddy. If she has been spending time with her daddy then maybe she is being bullied. Girls feel safer with their daddy. It's probably because men are seen as strong. I hope this helps.


Personally I'd go for asking her and the teachers what's going on at school. Girls often feel safe with their dads, so it actually may be something that's going on, maybe her feeling bullied or some such. I'd start with that.


It's impossible to answer because there are two sides to the question. From the child's side...with preschoolers there are so many different cries. A few examples: I want it my way. I'm tired/cranky. I'm scared. I'm sick. I'm upset (small thing). I'm upset (big thing). I don't like you/trust you. I cry because it's a habit. Since this is a ...


Nai's answer is head-on with helping her find out WHY she is crying. She is crying for a reason, but she may not fully know what the reason is yet. Once she understands, a lot of the pressure that made her cry may already be gone. In addition, don't just make her stop, but offer alternatives. If she cries because of frustration, helping her find out what ...


Being forced not-to-cry is not a good idea for 4yr old girl. Just let her cry, if her step-daddy do not allow her to do so. Pls take her in private to cry and stop when she's okay. Forcing is not good because of Throat, and Eye. She is being forced and she had to force again to her throat and eye to stop crying. Should let her cry in bathroom or outside of ...


My daughter just turned 8 and does the same thing. The problem is that she is a perfectionist and wants to be excellent at everything she does. Guess what? She wasn't awesome the first time she tried the harmonica. Or skiing. Or Snowboarding. Or skating. Or judo. And every time we sit and I tell her the same thing when she says, "I'm not good." I ...

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