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Our son began having a hard time with naps at that time too. Most behavioral issues for children can also be traced back to sleep habits, and usually they are a result of not having enough sleep. What we found through reading and experimentation is that a few more things were happening than just a rough nap time: Separation Anxiety. Leading up to the 18 ...


I use the ¨white noise¨ technique when there are outbursts of unstoppable crying from my 3 months old. Just a few seconds of any white noise sound from my cellphone (there are applications with lots of sounds available) helps to calm the baby.


From what I've found, the only time a kid will carry on that long is because there could be a prospect of a reward at the end of it. Have you ever given in after a long tantrum like that? If so, even once, that is inadvertently teaching him that the tantrum is how you get what you want.


I'm just throwing this out there. My daughter is 5 almost 6 gets in my bed every night. She slept with me from newborn till a little after one. She is a picky little turkey but for now I just deal. However my son who is 11 months sleeps in his crib ( and has from the start). When he wakes at night, if he does I get up check binkie and still will make him a ...

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