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A lot of people try to ferberize their children and some studies have shown it has benefits. For the most part though when babies cry it's because there is a physiological need for them to cry, hunger, diaper or they need to bond with their mother. Leaving babies to cry when they are calling for their mother can form distrust toward the mother and cause ...


When I analysed my situation, I understood it is just the stress and no sleep which made me come to this decision of putting babies in.a room and leaving them. I realised how cruel it is. Babies need me and I shouldn't disappoint them . I love them a lot and hope the situation turns better.


Even I have twins 11 mo old and one of them is somewhat underweight, tiny and very Fussy. She loves crying and constantly pokes and loves troubling her Twin sister. So I let her CRY. It helps in removing pent up frustration and makes her Feel better. I wait for 15 minutes to let her stop crying by herself and when she does stop, I pick her in my arms and ...


I recently had a baby boy (about 3 eeks now). He cries alot between the hours of 10pm to 4.30am almost on a daily basis. I tried several activities based on the advised of Doctors and other health practitioners without any solution. I have now come to realize that if you give him a 'sleeping bath' say around 11pm, he sleeps almost immediately until around ...

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