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We didn't have any trouble with crawling on a hardwood floor, but we did provide a small rug (an Ikea-type children's playmat) for the winter months when the floor was colder. Carpet has its own downsides - it's slower, for one, which while for you might be nice, for the kid will be irritating. Hardwood has an additional advantage: it's noisy, so you know ...


We have a laminated wood floor (rather slippery for floor-to-cloth contact), but we had some clothes with non-slip rubbery patches on knees that were helpful. Similarly, for starting to walk, some baby tights/socks have those rubbery "dots" on their soles which prevent that slipping.


Carpet is good for crawling. If you don't want to lay a full carpet you could get a rug. We found a rug better than a blanket as the blanket can bunch up under the baby as she moves. A rug should be big enough for the learning stage. Once the baby gets more confident, she will be able to crawl anywhere, including the wooden floor. I wouldn't encourage her to ...


Regardless of the surface, there will be falls and bumps as she learns to crawl (and, later, walk). Keeping her at floor level is a good plan, though. There are two things I'd suggest looking for: reasonable traction and moderate padding. The traction is more important for learning how crawling works than for potential slips causing injuries. If her legs ...

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