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In response to some of the advice about reusing shoes for more than one child, it should be pointed out that over time shoes mold to the shape of the feet of their wearer; it is for this reason that it is not recommended that young children use secondhand shoes.


Really? Not much. If he doesn't "know" (or much more likely, care) about how his room looks, you can't teach him now. He's making a choice, prioritizing, and it's not a high priority to keep his clothes off of his floor. For some reason or other, he is bothered more by the thought of cleaning up than by the mess. He may also have anxiety about the prospect ...


You're focusing on the merits of planning to do laundry more frequently. He is almost certainly already aware of them. What's most likely going on is a prospective memory failure. I have the same problem, but didn't have a name for it until a few years ago. It's very difficult to understand for people with normal prospective memory. Essentially, he ...


I'm a parent of a toddler and a preschooler, so I'm sure I don't know much about the fun specific issues of raising teenagers. Something to look forward to. However, this really doesn't sound too different from asking my three year old to clean up his toys. The question is really at its core one of three things: How do we convince him that laundry needs ...

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