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The root cause may be that the baby is more sensitive to wet diapers, and therefore holds back. Cloth diapers generally feel more wet than disposables from the same amount of fluid; disposables are designed to draw all the moisture away and bind it in gels. There are probably only a few options, none of which seem really great to me: Go back to ...


When I bought ours, I bought them lightly used (don't judge. =]). That means I tried a few brands. The ones I likeds best are the one size fits all. Our boy just turned one and we have been using bumGenius since we ran out of disposables that were given to us. And the doctor just told us he's about the size of an average two year old. If I could have, I ...


there are some good and also some wildly crazy answers on here. A realistic idea of the costs, accounting for detergent and energy costs is provided by eLeMeNO-Pee on their site at This is a great cloth diaper calculator that compares costs and lets you play with a few variables with just a few clicks.

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