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Any man who urinates naked soon learns where to aim, depending on what he feels splatting up his legs. Aim for the water!


By the looks of the toilets....I would say sit backwards for number 2 since that is where the big hole in the toilet is,and you can hold on to the back of the toilet at the sametime. As for guys urinating...try sitting down so you don't spread your urine,(germs) everywhere, that is being hygienic and courteous of others. If you insist on standing,try tossing ...


As far as i have tested, the best way is to hit a wall being the angle bettween your liquid and the porcelain as small as posible, allowing the fluid to stick to the toilet and be slowed and scrattered/spread enough to not splatt at all. Really folks, just test by yourself


Some urinals provide an aiming point:


Being a male and owning a penis for as long as I can remember, I have found that aiming here is most efficient for minimal ricocheting


anyone ever tried putting a mist of water inside the toilet bowl? Just a spray that starts when someone stands in front of it, maybe downward from the top of the back of the bowl under the rim. The droplets would knock down any splatter.


A few people have touched upon this (he says sarcastically) but the best way to reduce it is by sitting down. An increasing number of men are sitting when they use the toilet as it's supposed to be more hygienic (as there isn't urine all over the place). I beleive Sweden and Japan are a couple examples of this. Failing that, don't tell him where to aim, but ...


When aiming at the bowl instead of the water, note that the shape of the bowl makes a big difference. To be precise, a steeper angle of the surface being hit creates less splash-back. This is why anon's answer mentions "near the rim" - the sides of the bowl are the steepest. We're teaching our boys to sit down for any business, except in nature and in ...


According to a recent study, the optimal way to reduce toilet splash (besides sitting down) is to: drop a few pieces of tissue into a toilet bowl to soften the blow. For a urinal: stand slightly to one side, and aim downwards at a low angle of impact


Not to take the fun out of devising your own experiment, but the fine fluid dynamics physicists at the Splash Lab (at Brigham Young University) are trying to figure out how to prevent urinal splash-back right now! Fluid dynamics scientists (calling themselves the "wizz kids") set up a water tank and nozzles (emitting colored water) to mimic the natural ...


First, any fast moving stream of anything with mass is going to splatter when it hits something else -- it's really all about the angles (source & target) and velocity as to where it goes during the impact. Toilets are shaped differently, too, with some longer, shorter, taller, etc. You're potty training though -- not refining bathroom skills. Most ...

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