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The La Leche League provides detailed information about breast milk storage recommendations. They don't actually discuss freezing after refrigeration specifically. However, the time limit on refrigeration is the following: 72 hours (ideal) up to 8 days (acceptable if collected in a very clean, careful way) Five days is right in the middle of that 3-8 ...


Try to freeze things as soon as possible and once something is frozen DO NOT thaw it and try to refreeze it because bacteria will grow. And here's a reference (short and easy to read) on freezing food: ...


As a general rule, foods need to be frozen immediately, never stored in the refrigerator first and then put in the freezer later.


Several points to address here: one can sanitize pumps with more intense chemical agents than one would use on a breast Breasts, nipples of a typical-healthy-relatively-clean mother are perfectly safe for a child. A breast can be "dirty", just as a bottle can be either not cleaned well enough or cleaned very well but with some of the chemistry ...

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