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Breastfeeding while pregnant is safe as long as you’re healthy and careful about having healthy diet and plenty of fluids. Most of the moms worry about whether they are eating enough to nourish the baby growing inside and for breastfeeding the nursling but our bodies are amazing they know how much to have. Have a healthy, well- balanced diet - eating when ...


First, the formula has the same amount of calories than the breast milk, and the composition in proteins, fat and amino acids its practically the same. The formula it's more difficult to digest than the breast milk. Your baby it is very young, I recommend you to breastfeed him/her when he/she wants to, not in a schedule, that helps a lot. And if you want ...


I also sympathise with your wife's situation. My answer will be based on my personal experience with my two girls, but also on discussions in help groups and research on the matter. My first daughter would also not meet her wight growth milestones. She was always feeding and still not getting much weight, but met her other milestones a lot sooner. I ...


If you need a second opinion, please get one from another doctor (preferably as soon as possible so that your baby can get the necessary nutrition without delay.) However, since you asked: Yes, you should supplement his feeding with bottles. There's no shame whatsoever in doing this for any reason, let alone to help your baby grow. To continue exclusively ...


Actually, there is no special diet to follow for the nursing mothers if their eating habits are healthy. There is no particular food to avoid. But sometimes babies will be fussy at the breast after eating a particular food; you need to avoid such foods for few days and re-introduce them to confirm whether there’s an effect. Still there are certain foods you ...


I took a course on EdX while nursing. It was perfect because it was more engaging than tv, and you get a chance to use your intellectual brain, which is sometimes a bit missed during maternity leave.


Pray Visualize and plan what you'll do before the next feeding! Read books on parenting or marriage Write a note to your husband Do 1 arm curls with light weights and switch arms next feeding Feed at a table you can work on a puzzle


I used to pinch their noses (not hard!) and that made them let go very fast nd after a few times of that they stopped, realising they couldn't breathe/bite and drink at the same time!


Expressed milk is the next best alternative only when breastfeeding is not possible. When you breastfeed directly, the physical contact with your baby helps your body to create antibodies to germs in his environment, your body creates antibodies in response to cues from the baby's saliva and other secretions. When breastfeeding directly, your body will ...


At this age, a smaller bassinet with close sides might feel more comfortable than a giant crib.

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