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I am an 87 year old great-grandmother. I gave birth to 5 children from November 1951 to September 1960. (One weighed 6 lbs. 12 ounces.) None of my doctors ever gave me such ridiculous advice about waking a sleeping baby every 3 hours at night to be fed. Neither my daughter, mother of 4, nor my daughter-in-law, also mother or four, were given this advice ...


Failure to sleep at night in newborns is usually caused by a lack of (or failure to establish) a circadian rhythm; in other words, it's as normal as can be, and a source of great consternation in new parents (I mean, who explains this to new parents? Hardly anyone.) I have cared for hundreds of newborns, and I can honestly say I do not believe in nipple ...


There's no evidence that waking at night is connected with eating during the day. Here's a popular science article about it: Feeding babies more during the day will not stop them waking at night, finds Welsh university research So the advice from others to night wean may not be very helpful.

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