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For the record, both our midwife and paediatric told us to put the baby on the breast, facing us after each meal. We should gently pat her on the back a couple of times. We should not wait for her to burp but pat her a only couple of times. Our daughter usually burped very quickly, but the advice was specifically not to try too hard to get a burp; if she ...


The water content of breast milk varies a lot (even during feedings) - much more than a few drops of remaining water would "dillute". Please take a look at this picture from wikipedia: thinner (=more watery) foremilk vs. thicker (=fattier) hindmilk. The only reason to be worried would be if you were washing the bottles with unsafe water, for example if ...


Breast milk is, essentially, water with a bunch of other nutritious stuff in it. Water intoxication can be a concern if an infant drinks too much plain water in addition to breast milk or formula, but that requires a significant volume of water: Breast milk or formula provides all the fluid healthy babies need. If a mother feels her baby needs to ...


My son is 6 months and didn't stop his night feedings until 5 months. He is 16 lbs now was 6 lbs when he was born. I bathe him and put him to bed no later than 8:30. If he does wake up I put his binky in his mouth and he falls right back to sleep. That's how I broke his night feedings.

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