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Agree with swbarnes2. At that age, eating more by day will not help her not be hungry at night. Does it make a difference to you at night whether you ate more by day? No. Because your body was taught to not require feeding in the middle of the night. Children at that age do not need to drink milk in the middle of the night. There will be occasions where your ...


If you should or should not let her cry it out is completely up to you (obviously). There is a lot of research on crying out loud, most of what I hear lately tells that crying out loud is harmfull ( ) Ofcourse a lot of people tell something different, but my opinion (personal ...


At age 2, she almost certainly doesn't need the calories to get through the night. Most babies reach that point at about 6 months. She needs to learn how to soothe herself to sleep, and you need to give her the opportunity to learn.

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