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I have tons of the nipples for Dr. Brown bottles and for the longest time I had all the cloudy nipples stashed away and even bought new ones. I found that placing them in a large glass, pouring in cocoa cola (non-generic) and stirrinh them around with a spoon works well. Just stirring them around a little for a minute or two does the trick just as well as ...


It is actually a combination of fat and scales. Clean it by shaking soapy water on the bottle and use a nipple brush to clean it. Sterilize after drying using RO water preferably.


There are actually a few other options than just switching brands - you can use a spoon, a beaker or a sippy cup to feed your baby. At five months you either have already done or probably will soon start with solid foods and these tools are going to be part of your equipment anyway. Some exclusively breastfed babies simoly dislike baby bottles, but readily ...

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