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When your child rebuts you that his statement is true, you simply need to point out that's not all that's required. The usual guideline for adults is: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? Gossip about a classmate fails the second two tests. Tattling can be considered ok under certain circumstances (are you telling me to get someone into trouble, or ...


Sounds like you need to work on your marriage more than your parenting. I'm sorry if that sounded insensitive, but it's important to understand that a 3 year old's entire universe is wrapped up within her parents and she sees it all crashing down. Better to address it than mask it. If moving back in together is absolutely not an option, try couch time. 15 ...


Here's my attempt: You messed up your relationship (I'm not criticizing it, BTW, I'm just stating a fact) and that obviously troubles your daughter. If you feel like you cannot fix your relationship, all you can do is to try to minimize the negative effects this has on your daughter. If I was in your place, I'd start out by asking myself why she behaves ...


It may not be the answer you want and it will probably get down voted but the best thing you can do is to move back in together and try a lot harder to make your marriage work.

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