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Many videos/cartoons made for kids are unbelievably scary. Not only can they plant seeds of terror of monsters and demons of various types, but they can transplant a full grown terror plant. Monitor what they watch, both at home and elsewhere.


Consistent and Repeatable and Fun Kids thrive on consistent and repeatable experiences. It builds their trust that you or your wife or the world itself aren't going to disappear tomorrow. Consistent and repeatable experiences also lead to expectations of what comes next. Therefore: Put your daughter to bed the same way each night. I'll repeat it ...


If my son isn't settling down and there's enough commotion to warrant checking in on him, I'll go in the room and pretend to do something else (look in drawers, move stuff around). He always stops crying as soon as I enter, but he doesn't immediately get my attention. I think that gives him a moment to calm down on his own, to realize we have things to do. ...


As a first step, don't water down his milk at bed time. That's just giving him extra fluids without nutritional value that won't do much to make him feel full. With straight milk, he will probably consume a bit more calories, but not so much fluid, giving him less need to pee. It may also be a good idea to set a fixed amount you feed him every night. No ...

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