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In our experience, it's very hard to get an infant to sleep without nursing if he/she is in the same room as Mommy, as the infant knows where the milk comes from. We didn't sleep train, but certainly when we needed to share a room (such as during hotel stays) it was much harder to get our sons to sleep as babies than when they were in a separate room. It ...


It may just be that his body is just not making enough of the sleep hormone melatonin. That could be the simple explanation. Take him to your doctor.


I say keep doing it as long as you can find stories that you both like. Aside from just bonding time it is great for vocabulary and communication skills. I'm 30 and my wife and I take turns reading before bed. My dad read to me when I was little, and my brother and I took turns reading out loud up until high school.


At 16-17 I had no bedtime so long as I was home before legal curfew(where I lived curfew was 12 PM for anyone under 18 unless work related), went to school, passed my classes, and did my chores. This seemed to be pretty common because everyone I knew had the same rules. I think it works pretty good and is a more of a "real life" approach than having bed ...


High school is a much better time to learn "how to go to bed on time" and "how much sleep you need" than your first year of college, university, or work. Therefore I recommend letting the teen work out when they want to go to sleep and get up. They will get this wrong a few times, and go to school groggy and exhausted, or miss a day of school, or not finish ...


My kids had a 10:00 pm bedtime through middle school on school nights. It worked well. In high school, there's no way we could stick to a fixed bedtime because the workload is too great and varies night to night.

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