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Well I was scared of slender man then I told my mom and she explained why it was stupid made a few jokes like if he lives in the woods why is he's suite so clean I bet its dry clean only (ect.). Then I got on youtube saw how someone can look like slender man and some cheesy fake video of slender man sightings. Now I'm fine.


Not Tired It may be that he is simply not tired. A later bed time might help. 19:30 seems very early to me, especially given he sleeps past 7. (our toddler, a little younger, sleeps much less even if still takes naps during the day). Trying to grab control Our kid is very strong willed, and we have found a lot less bed time drama if he gets some ...


Different children need a different amount of sleep, and this level do change over time. It may be that 11 1/2 hours of sleep is simply more than he needs now. Web MD reports that kids in that range typically need 10 to 12 hours of sleep - but that's "typical" and your child may need more or less. Personally, my 18-month-old only sleeps about 11 hours a ...

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