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I would strongly recommend that you not shy away from reading to both of them at the same time. The camaraderie that is built, as you work through, with both of them, to negotiate what you will do with each book - it is priceless. You could let each kid pick a book (or two or three), and then read both books to both of them, all three of you together, but ...


I have a 4 and 2.5 year old, also, and sometimes have the same problem. The younger child enjoys 'fact' books (picture books about trucks/dinosaurs/whatever - no plot, just either pictures of things or pictures with some text describing the thing), and the older one is still able to enjoy those; so much of our reading are those books. The older one tells ...


What I do with my younger kids (who are, admittedly, a bit older than yours) is to sent one child to the bathroom to wash, brush teeth etc., and meanwhile read to the other, then switch roles. I have explained the older one that, if he goes first, we are open-ended while reading, because his sibling can already go to bed when we read longer, and because he ...


I might be approaching this as a programmer, but have you tried making the older sibling read to the younger one first? The best way to cement something is to teach it, after all.

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