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I am 12 and i babysit for my brother and sister all the time and i have baby sat for other children as well so i think if the sitter is smart mature and loves kid 12 is a great age to start baby sitting. Plus i have babysat for 7 hrs and till 11 @ night it it was the same as the day.


Some factors to consider are hours, time of day, and number of kids, but for me personally I like the parent to consider how their kids act. If the kid is a spoiled brat (not in anyway implying they your are) then I would expect the parents to pay a little more than if they have a relitively good child.


No, I don't think that would be appropriate. As a babysitter myself I would be freaked out, especially if you didn't tell me about them. (however your babysitter may feel differently so if you know them well ask them about it.) I think a good way to evaluate is to ask your kids, and see how they act when the babysitter leaves (if there are any behavior ...

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