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Some kids are outgoing. Others, not so much. Some get scared by facial hair. Some get scared when it goes away. I can't say for sure why your niece is nervous around you, but I can take a guess. Most likely, she just isn't familiar with you. She sees grandma pretty often and isn't scared of her. She's seen grandma be nice and loving. I'd also wager ...


You're in a very difficult situation. My suggestion is to move his bedtime up to 5:30 pm so that he gets adequate sleep before getting up with his mom. Of course that leaves you in a tough predicament. Ideally, your sleep schedule changes as well, or you may be forced to break up your sleep pattern.


Some factors to consider are hours, time of day, and number of kids, but for me personally I like the parent to consider how their kids act. If the kid is a spoiled brat (not in anyway implying they your are) then I would expect the parents to pay a little more than if they have a relitively good child.

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