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I am a parent who employs a nanny for child caregiving purposes. I believe we pay our nanny a fair market wage, but if she wanted a raise I would want her to ask for a time to sit down with my husband and I (her joint employers) in person other than a time she was scheduled to work. I would want her to have a reasoned explanation why she deserved a raise. ...


The first thing to do is to take a deep breath. This is a situation with a lot of emotional ties pulling your girlfriend in many different directions. There are a lot of relationships involved so at some point, so tread lightly. That said... Consider where you want you, your girlfriend and her daughter to be in two year's time. That's your short term ...


Can she find another woman in the same situations who she TRUSTS? Through some church group maybe? One of them can watch the kids, one can work and pay her half? Two kids are really easier to take care of at that age than only one, they keep each other entertained. Or they can both get part-time jobs and watch the others kids when they're not working?

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