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How do your children do with unexpected situations? If bad weather causes the flight to be diverted to an airport 50 miles away, how well would they deal with it? For that matter, how well would the person meeting them at the destination handle it?


I think your children may be too young to fly unaccompanied so it is best to check that first. I flew several times unaccompanied as a child, but generally before security restrictions prevented people going to the gate. My experience as a younger child was that I was always escorted (walked, driven on a cart, or a series of carts / cars if changing ...


Check with the airline if it's permissible at all, but also whether they have a process to handle it - typically non-low-cost airlines will provide a staff member to take them from the check in desk to the gate, to ensure they get to the right place. They can then be met on the other end A lot for me would depend on the airport. If they're flying to a small ...


First off check that it is possible, I know some airplanes have rules about minimum ages for unaccompanied minors, so you may want to check. Also, don't assume you can take them to and pick them up from the gate - I know some airports do not issue gate passes any more. Check with the airports. If you can't you may have to purchase an unaccompanied minor ...

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