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Just one more thought added to the many good answers here: Are you sure your 8yo can handle what you want him to do? Sometimes the 8yo ist "younger" or more vulnerable than the 5yo. Especially if one child is somewhat outside the norm. I have the same age constellation of kids as you do, but my son is gifted and I get the same reaction (the mechnanisms are ...


Read this book. It has lots of great insight as to how to approach this as a parent, someone close to, or the person with said issues. It all comes down to "play to your strengths". Nothing is off the table - but there will be things that (for whatever reason) are just not going to work.


I also have a son with ADHD, and am mildly chagrined to realize I haven't yet given much thought to his life after my household. A web search for "job suitable for adhd" turns up a few lists. Some common results: Military Medical (doctor or nurse) Police or Firefighter Truck driver Sales (particularly commission-based) Entertainment These tend to ...

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