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I think it depends on the baby. Mine has always preferred to stand and has been trying to step and walk since he was four months old. It seemed like a no Brainer to get aback excersaucer and a walker. At 7 months he can take steps while having his hands held. He walks with his whole foot not just the toes. Even out of the contraptions he works on walking and ...


The two options we used when camping with babies that age were: Baby wipes - useful in all cases, but especially so for short camping trips, as you don't need to deal with water, heating, disposal etc., and can simply carry out the wipes along with nappies and other waste. Cloth wash - as long as you can heat water, you can then dip a cloth or sponge in it ...


In my experience an extra-large saucepan, if you have one, is excellent for washing a baby while camping. You can heat the water (not too hot!) on a gas burner and then take the pan off the heat, check the water temperature, and add the baby. I resisted the temptation to also add carrots and a couple of onions and take a picture. :)

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