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I absolutely believe you should force activities on your young child, for the reason you found with the Taekwondo: Without trying it, how can he tell if he likes it? As adults we can recognize when we don't like something because we've tried it -- or something similar -- before, vs. when we are uncomfortable just because it's something new. If it's the ...


Try to find out where his interests lie and then give him the opportunities to pursue those interests. Of course, it might be possible that he could develop a liking to other activities once he tries them enough. For these kind of activities, ask him what is his opinion on the activity. If he is not very sure if he hates it, then tell him to try it for a ...


I want to expose him to as many things as I can and want him to find his passion (if he has one) Have you considered the possibility that his "passion" might not be in sports? Judging from your list of things you "bought him", it seems not.


I don't know that I would 'force' the activities, but perhaps incentivize them. Kids respond well to incentives, just like adults do. "Try a sport for a season, after each game we'll go out for ice cream." "Do ten Tae Kwon Do classes, you can have that new toy you've been after." Provide an external incentive to encourage the behavior you're interested ...

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