The "activities" tag is for things our children do, and things we do with our children, such as: firearms and martial arts training, art classes, cooking, swimming, gardening, and so on. Often, asking on an activity-specific forum doesn't get our question in front of other parents who understand the specific ins and outs of engaging children in a particular activity.

Questions that should be tagged "activities"

  • How old should my daughter be before I teach her to swim?
  • My 4yo son really wants to learn to cook; what should I do to make the kitchen safe for him to work in?
  • When backpacking with young children, how do you prepare them with regard to survival skills and first aid?
  • What can I do to help prepare my child with SID (sensory integration disorder) for horseback riding with the family

Questions that should NOT be tagged "activities"

  • How can I help my son improve his grades?
  • What can I do to help a picky eater get balanced nutrition?
  • Why aren't my triplets getting along?
  • How can I encourage my children and my step-children to play together more?
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