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Today I went through my daughters kik account just to make sure she wasn’t getting creepers and from what I have seen in the past she is very behaved on there i.e. shutting down offers for sexting . until today I found a very long and graphic convo between herself and a girl. Now I know if this were with a guy she would be in huge trouble right now, but I am confused as to how to handle this in the event that if she is gay I don’t want her to be ashamed or embarrassed about it and maybe she just isn’t ready to talk about it . eekkkk I’m so confused as to how to handle this one.

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Great question! I don't have personal experience with this one, but have had a number of close friends who are gay. I think every one of them would agree with me when I say, Handle it the same way you would if it was a boy - almost.

First, from the way you've worded the question, it seems you don't believe she should be having a highly sexual discourse (or relationship) with anyone at her age. You'll need to mostly focus on that fact with her. She'll want to focus on the fact that you were snooping as a way to avoid the rest of the conversation so be prepared for that fact. In my opinion, if there isn't already a prior understanding between you about it, own up to the fact that you snooped, apologize for it (because it is a break in trust - even if you feel it is a justified break) and then insist on moving on in the conversation to discuss the sexual content of their texts.

It may be a joke between the two girls (teen-aged kids have a strange sense of humor) so you still shouldn't jump to any conclusions, but I would approach her and say pretty much what you'd say if it were a boy on the other end of the conversation. The only difference is, you'll have to clarify for her that your concern is about the sexual content and NOT the gender of the person on the other end of the conversation.

If she says it was all a joke, remind her that you would still love her if she were gay (in case she is just covering - and because telling them you love them no matter is always a good thing anyway - especially when you are mad or concerned) and it isn't okay to have highly sexual telephone convos even when it is a joke.

Make sure within the conversation to offer her room to speak - try to keep it a conversation and not a lecture and you will get a lot further with her, she is more likely to open up more with you and you'll come out of it with more knowledge about your daughter and hopefully a sense of trust.

This question and its answers may offer up some helpful thoughts and does contain some discussion about the "snooping" aspect of things, it is a question posted by a parent upset to discover her child might be gay - so is quite different, but some of the ANSWERS are closely related.

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Handle it exactly how you would if it was with a guy. Anything else is just another form of discrimination. She, being a teenager, may try to manipulate you by accusing you of overreacting because it's a girl, but you know it's not, so just reinforce that you are concerned with the behavior itself, not the gender of who it was with.

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