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My 13 month old baby girl is teething. Her nose is leaking, she has red cheeks and super red bum (rear-end). With urine and feces, it gets worse, and two spots become red flesh (like road rash) so it is getting worse everyday (not that bad, but not getting healed anyway).

So the question: What do you put on that to get it better? note : zirkofax do NOTHING... photo availible on request

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We had a similar problem and it took a long time to go away. Firstly, consult a doctor. Our doctor suggested the anti-fungal cream Daktarin, but a type without hydrocortisone. Secondly, we made sure her bum was always clean and dry after peeing and pooping. Thirdly, we made sure she had as much time as possible without a nappy on, even though this was risky – the risk is worth it for her comfort (and we have no carpet, so it wasn't too bad).

The rash cleared up after 3 weeks of Daktarin, but there were a lot of unsuccessfully attempts to beat it before that.

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We had a similar experience and used a "foot cream" suggested by our doctor along with letting him not wear a diaper for as long as possible. I also think letting him take longer baths helped. – Dave Nelson Sep 29 '13 at 15:26

We've had luck with calendula cream. Lots and lots of calendula cream. If you're using wipes for cleaning the little bottom, maybe try just lukewarm wet washcloths for a bit.

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Wow, you are almost literally in the same situation my wife and I were in about a week ago. Over five days we

  • applied Desitin Maximum Strength to the butt rash each diaper change,
  • gave her an hour of diaper-free time in the morning, and
  • gave her a bath at night with Aveeno Baby Soothing Baby Bath

It took a few more days after for the rash to go away completely. We switched the zinc cream back to regular Penaten cream (good for less severe rashes) for those days.

The rosy cheeks bit we're just trying a moisturizer for now, because if it is related to teething it sounds like there's not much that can be done.

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