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My baby is 1.5 years old. She has an ulcer on her tongue and gum. The doctor gave me medicine (similar to mouth wash). I am supposed to apply this medicine to her tongue and gum, without her swallowing it.

When I returned home, I figured out it was pretty hard to keep her mouth open, and it is almost impossible to apply the medication without being bitten hard by newly-sharp teeth.

How can I get the medicine where it needs to go, without her swallowing it?

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Physically, this should be relatively straightforward, at that age they can't bite that hard - and you can use a thumb to help hold the jaw open.

But a more useful way to do this is to get her cooperation - at that age, especially if the ulcer is hurting her, help her understand what the medicine will do to help. Of course this is easier if it tastes nice, but you should be able to help her understand.

She may even be able to help apply the medicine.

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