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I have a son who is 3 and half years old. After every two three hours he keep on crying for changing his clothes.

He only wears the dress clothes which he likes, and doesn't listen if we tell him to wear different dress.

I don't want to be harsh with him please suggest what to do?

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At that age kids like to wear different clothes - two of my kids did exactly that: they'd vanish to their room and come back in something entirely different. If he is demanding that you change his clothes for him, make it more of a game, but ask which ones he'll want for the morning and which ones for the afternoon.

Distraction techniques work as well - generally children don't have the longest attention span, so finding something more exciting for them can be a good distraction.

At the end of the day, it isn't a problem, and my kids grew out of it after a while.

Let him play - it's fun now, but will get boring for him eventually.

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My son, age 3 1/2, loves to wear costumes. He immediately changes into a costume when he gets home from school everyday and wears if for the rest of the day (he doesn't necessarily play like the character he has become, but he just likes to wear it). In the mornings he is very particular about what he wears (has to be soft and fuzzy) and gets very upset when those clothes are not available. On Saturday he has to wear fancy clothes to synagogue and hates to put them on. (We all change to play clothes after lunch on Saturdays and then he is very happy.) He does not complain about the fancy clothes once they are on, but complains and cries when we put them on him.

This is how we handle it. Saturday morning is a must. During the week we bought him more of the clothes he likes. When he wants to change (in the mornings) he changes himself. When he wants us to change him I am 'busy' as this way I am not encouraging his behavior.

What is wrong with him wearing what he wants (unless it is absolutely necessary)? The only problem with him changing clothes all the time is the laundry, if you have enough clothes does it really matter?

Choose your battles and this one, to me, is not one I would choose.

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He had 20 dress, he only 9 which he like but i want to use him all dress we have. – Deepak Rajput Jan 24 '12 at 3:15

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