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I imagine that this is not a hypothetical math problem for many of you, and it's very likely to have been done before, but just recently, our first child started Kindergarten. Our youngest is still in Daycare.

We both work full time, and by some miracle we need to also be able to do the following:

  1. I go to work at 7am.
  2. Drop off eldest at school at 9am.
  3. Drop off youngest at Daycare before my wife goes to work.
  4. I get off work at 2:45
  5. Pick up eldest at school at 3pm.
  6. Pick up youngest at daycare sometime after 3.

With, of course, one car. Yes, public transit is available, but not really where we need it to go (of course).

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Is there a specific question here? – cabbey Sep 20 '11 at 0:03

Without knowing the distances it's hard to give an answer.

But would a bicycle be a solution? This avoids cost of insurance; gas; etc, provides exercise and a small vehicle for quick trips.

See my question on the cycling stack exchange

Useful Google search terms are "mama fiets" (with google translate.)

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If it is possible for your wife to drive everyone in the morning and somehow on your lunch or hers get the car to you and then you can pick everyone up. It may be worth trying.

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