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My son is less than 6 years old, and last week we discovered that he has grown a little bit of pubic hair. This seems way too soon for this to happen. My older son, who is 9 years old, only now started growing a bit of pubic hair (and this also seems a bit early). Is this normal? Should we be concerned?

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I found this entry at Michigan's Health System with lots of valuable information and links to more information:

Having read this article on Precocious Puberty if it were my son I would take him to the doctor. There is some concern that Precocious Puberty, puberty earlier than 9 years on in boys, can be caused by an underling disease.

It seems a check up is in order to be safe.

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Definitely a doctor's appointment is appropriate. Be sure to not alarm your child with statements of "this is not normal". Approach the appointment/concern through the lense of health so that your child sees taking care of himself as important. Good luck

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Six is way too young to begin puberty. Have him evaluated by a physician as soon as possible! The nine-year-old is also on the very young side. I'd have him checked out, too. Precocious puberty can result in decreased adult stature.

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