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I would like to install life hammers on the rear doors of my car. These life hammers are supposedly easy to use by children.

I asked the manufacturer for a minimum age for using this life hammer. They told me that while using it in an emergency wouldn't be the problem, using it when there is not an emergency would be! Therefore they recommend I install the life hammer only when the child can tell when it should be used.

How do I know whether my child can do so?

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This seems to me to depend on your specific child. There isn't an age, but a maturity level: just as the manufacturer said. (Leaving aside the question as to whether this has any value per se, as that's off topic.) –  Joe 2 days ago

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Does your kid listen to your commands? If you say "don't touch it" does he touch the thing? What does he do when he gets bored - does he look around for anything to do? Does he then respect your firm don't?

Breaking a window while driving at high speed would be extremely dangerous. Glass fragments could cause serious wounds, possibly to eyes.

Why not keep the hammer only on your side, unreachable to the kid? It's better than having none at all.

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My oldest child does listen quite well to what I tell her. The idea of having the life hammer within reach of the child is to give the child a chance to rescue itself. It is not unlikely that, after an accident, the front passengers are unconsious while the kids in the rear seat can only wait to be rescued. You do give me the idea to attach a bell to the life hammer - that way we can hear when it's being played with. –  spaceknarf 2 days ago
Car windows are safety glass without sharp edges, so "extremely dangerous" is a serious exaggeration. It's no worse than fine gravel. The bell is a nice idea! –  Torben Gundtofte-Bruun 2 days ago

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