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My 12 year son seems to be growing up way too soon.. He went from playing with his Legos one day to next texting girls the next. He goes back and forth. One day he is in the shower playing with his action figures and a few hours later acting very grown.

One problem here is that I found him Kiking (an instant message application for mobile devices) girls he has never meet before. One girl is 15, going by the last name of "Sexton" and showing a little too much skin. His profile says "very single". This is all too new for me and nerve-racking. How do I go about this? Should I let him continue using Kik? I'm one that believed I can try to prevent it but they'll eventually find a way.

I want him to trust me and I want to trust him. I don't know where to start in advising him, if I should take phone iPod privileges away. He doesn't do that great in school either. He went from always on the honor roll to failing at least 2 classes every quarter. He was a very good kid, now he is always lying. What can I do? Any advice on how I can handle this situation, especially from those with a similar experience?

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"One day he is in the shower playing with his action figures" = I never tried that. Off too the shower! –  DA01 Jul 7 at 16:34
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Ha! My son is 12 and I'm right there with you. Personally I sat him down and set some limits and boundaries. (He was totally embarrassed, it was great!) I told him I'm ok with him growing up, but there will be some boundaries.

Mine is looking at xxx pron so I laid out very clearly what is and is not ok for him to look at and who its ok to talk to (as far as ages and interaction) at his age. I've let him know that his boundaries will adjust as he gets older but that I expect him to show some self-control and good choices and that I will be watching to see what he does.

It did not hurt to let him know that I'm monitoring his internet and phone uses also. He can have the tech but I have the right to look at what (and who) he's 'interfacing' with lol. Keep in mind he is still at the age where he has to have parental permish to sign up for most apps and sites, plus I pay the phone bill.

edited to add - feel free to yank his chain short when needed by taking that digital privilege away. Two week without an ipod/videogame/computer changed my son's whole tune. He was singing the 'you can't tell me what to do cause I'm grown' song, but with a little loss of privileges and occasional reminders he has the 'yes ma'am' tune down pat now :)

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