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We swaddle our 3 month old, and she struggles to wake herself if she has been asleep for several hours. She rocks from side to side in her cot as if she is searching for food (she sometimes does the same head movement when she is awake and hungry). She also squeaks. A couple of times she has banged her head on the side of her cot as well, though seemingly without any ill effect. Most of the time eventually she'll open her eyes and start crying.

We've now started taking her out of her cot and feeding her when she starts to rock from side to side and squeak - is this what is known as a dream feed, or are we taking her out of her cot too early?

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Three months seems a good age for the baby to gradually stop being fed every few hours. I would not feed her unless she wakes and screams for food (or if I succumbed to pity;). That is, of course, if she has no digestive problems and is healthily developing and gaining mass. About that age my LO started sleeping for longer periods of time. You may be inside a transitional period.

Anyway, trust your instincts. If you think your baby is happier if it is fed, do it. If you are happier and less worried if you feed it, do it. Don't mind other people babbling on the Internet. Your baby will eventually grow out of waking up every few hours and I daresay dreamfeeding will not postpone that time by much (if at all).

As for banging LO's head: you can buy a padding for your cot. It may increase the probability of SIDS, but for a 3 month old I think the risk is fairly small. It looks like this: cot padding

and is usually attached to to cot by strings. Make sure the padding is as non-interesting as possible, a plain white one would be best. Trust me on this, later on a colorful padding will be a great niusance, since your LO will play with it when it's supposed to go to sleep.

By the way: the fourth trimester is almost over for you. Your quality of life will soon improve drastically:)

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Some argue that those padding (called bumpers) are best avoided to help reduce the risk of SIDS. –  Dave Clarke Jun 11 at 11:36
Yes, we didn't use them until our LO was capable of some movement, when we were less afraid of SIDS. This post is about a 3 month old baby, I think the risk is really low, but still, worth mentioning. –  Dariusz Jun 11 at 12:12
I don't see how this device could increase risk of SIDS, unless you don't tie it strongly enough and it can fall on your baby's face (?). I used it myself for all my children and didn't think of SIDS at all. Just wanted to mention that SIDS can happen till very late, three months is old enough for some movements indeed, like... trying hard to rollover and maybe manage to rollover but not being able to roll back on her back and then choking with her face against the mattress. –  Smurk Jun 12 at 3:21
Padding is associated with infants strangling or suffocating, if I recall correctly. –  Joe Jun 12 at 4:04
I think the SIDS problem with paddings is that the baby rolls to its side, pushes its head into the padding and can not roll back, thus suffocating. A 3 month old I think shuold be capable of rolling back in such case. –  Dariusz Jun 12 at 5:06

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