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My 6 yr old has had a loose tooth for months now. it refuses to fall out. And shes tried her hardest to pull it out. her adult tooth is visible now. will she have crooked teeth if I,dont get the loose tooth out?? any suggestions besides basic methods, apples string etc

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I tried to ask for advice about "super-numerary deciduous teeth" (milk teeth that don't fall out causing too many teeth) and that question was closed. – DanBeale Jun 6 '14 at 18:05

My 5 year old has currently has the same situation with her front tooth. By coincidence I took her to the dentist last week, and was told to encourage her to just wiggle the tooth with her finger as much as possible. It will fall out eventually. It can't stay there forever.

Don't try to pull it out! You can injur the gum by tearing it out prematurely. Just let it come out in its own time. The body knows best. :)

Regarding the crooked teeth part of the question: The dentist also mentioned that as soon as the baby tooth came out, the grownup tooth would quickly push forward to fill the gap.

EDIT - @DanBeale commented that there is a condition called "super numerary deciduous teeth". From my reading, this seems to be a condition where you have extra teeth, or additional malformed tooth-like growths. This is quite different from the normal development of adult teeth, and also pretty rare. However, I'd like to add the general advice that if you are concerned about the tooth, there is really no substitute for taking your child to a dentist. I personally found it reassuring to have taken my daughter to a dentist recently.

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It can stay there forever. Web search for "super numerary deciduous teeth" to see examples of milk teeth staying. – DanBeale Jun 6 '14 at 18:06

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