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Our daughter is 6 months old yet she doesn't show any effort to turn over while laying on her stomach or back. On her back, she is very active and is able to turn sideways but not further. On her stomach she just kicks a little bit and grabs things but doesn't try to move.

I let her lay on her stomach until she is short before crying, even if she's bleating. She looks strong enough to turn over, maybe she just doesn't know how to do it.

Are there any exercise which could support her to learn turning over?

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Sorry for this duplicate, I searched for "turn over" while "roll over" is a better term. English isn't my native language. –  Chris Jun 5 at 13:08
not a problem. One of the benefits of duplicates is it actually makes it easier for people to find answers. "Turn over" is how lots of people may search, just like you did. Now, instead of finding nothing, people searching for "turn over" will find your question, which will in turn link them to the answers they're hopefully looking for. –  Beofett Jun 5 at 14:41

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Don't force it. It will happen eventually. You're combating a human being who can not yet think logically. Sure, you can show her how it's done but anything further most likely won't be beneficial.

Also, don't force your child into an uncomfortable position, leaving her on the floor for long periods of time. This will most likely lead to tummy time being considered a bad thing. She will turn over eventually. Don't rush it.

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Everywhere I've read, infants learn to roll over between 3th and 6th month and our daughter is older now and doesn't even try. Therefore I want to support her by showing her how it works. The duplicated question contains an exercise, I'll test if she likes it. –  Chris Jun 7 at 9:24

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