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My son has just turned 3 months old.

Recently I have observed him drooling and sucking his fingers. He usually drools more after feeding and sucks his fingers almost all the time.

Is this common or abnormal behaviour?

What might be the root cause and how can we break his habits?

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Absolutely. What you're seeing is entirely normal in babies, particularly around 3+ months old. Among other things, he might be beginning to teethe; both of those things are associated with teething. Drooling is associated with basically everything for many babies, and sucking on fingers (or thumbs or other things) is also very normal.

If the drooling is truly excessive, you may want to talk to your pediatrician to ensure it's not due to a few particular causes (low muscle tone, in particular). Otherwise, buy a lot of bibs, and put a bib on him at all times, over his shirt, or under it if over is a problem. Make sure it's a safe bib (that cannot choke him). Many bibs must be removed for sleeping, although I think some are safe(r).

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Yes, completely normal, and you should absolutely NOT try to "break his habits!" Drooling and chewing on anything that's handy is a natural response to impending teething. If you don't want him to chew on his fingers, you can give him something else for teething, but I think fingers are best, because teethers can get lost and cause unnecessary distress if he can't find them or get them into his mouth. You can also be confident that none of his fingers are going to break off and become a choking hazard.

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