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Our 6 month old infant does not seem to understand that the breastmilk feeding bottle is for sucking and not chewing , she does not suck it but only chews inspte of having no teeth, even her mother has difficulty in breast feeding as she sometimes tries to chew it but she sucks well if she is sleeping. Also she is correctly latched while on breast.

So how to train an infant to suck and not chew a feeding bottle. I also tried applying pressure on the bottle to generate a stream of milk which she enjoys.

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Has the infant used bottles just fine before, or is this an introduction to the bottle? –  balanced mama Jan 6 at 15:26
@balancedmama first introduction of bottle with breastmilk –  Ali Jan 6 at 16:33
Maybe he chews it on purpose - his gums may be itchy because of the teeth going out. This may simply feel good. –  Dariusz Jan 6 at 16:48
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Some suggestions you could explore-

-Try another brand until you find one that works. A lot of people I know who breastfed and did bottle feeding had success with the Playtex bottles that have a disposable bag you put the milk in. I think the suction to the bag simulated the breast better perhaps?

-There are corresponding ages for the flow speed so perhaps double check you have the right artificial nipple first. Maybe hers is a flow for newborns?

-Mom should unlatch and withdraw the breast from their mouth fully when baby bites so baby associates biting with the breast being taken away. She should definitely not endure the pain while nursing as the nipple can get bruised making it even more pain to deal with.

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