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My LMP is 5th May (05/05) when we did USG (scanning) on 6th October (06/10) the report said there is a disparity of 2 weeks from the LMP (BPD, HC and AC). We are really worried about this. Will this be a problem?

Again we went for USG after 2 weeks i.e 19th October. Still the disparity of 2 weeks was there and however the interval growth was within normal limits.

One more USG after one month i.e on 14th december. Still the disparity of 2 weeks was there and however the interval growth was within normal limits.

As per latest USG GA is 31 weeks 6days But fetal biometry says :

BPD 71 mm corresponding to 28 wks 4 days HC 262 mm corresponding to 28 wks 4 days AC 247 mm corresponding to 28 wks 6 days FL 61 mm corresponding to 31 wks 6 days

I would request you all to let me know your opinions as we are really worried. And also any suggestions for any kind of improvement


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Too many acronyms. I don't know what an LMP is etc. – Dave Clarke Dec 15 '13 at 9:17
Also, and more importantly, these are questions for a doctor, not for other parents. Members of this site are not qualified to provide advice on this question. – Dave Clarke Dec 15 '13 at 9:18
Welcome to the community and thanks for your contribution. However, I'm going to agree with Dave Clarke. This site is not designed for offering medical advice, so unfortunately I don't think there is a lot many of our community members can offer in response to this particular question. What is the OB telling you? If you don't trust your OB, perhaps a second opinion or a specialist is needed. – balanced mama Dec 15 '13 at 15:25

Though it got closed, it looks like this prior question addresses many of the concerns you have, and I would give the same advice as in the answer there:

USG fetal age is 2 weeks behind LMP for 33 wk Pregnency. Is it a concern?

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